How dangerous is obesity for heart problems

How dangerous is obesity for heart problems

Obesity is a medical condition of people with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher. The people with excessive body weight, more than 17 kilos are considered as obese. People generally tend to gain weight because of a large amount of calorie intake from unhealthy foods and less physical activities. Another cause of obesity might be genetic susceptibility. Today in this articles we know about heart problems and behind the reason.

In the modern sedentary lifestyle when a machine does most of the work, obesity is becoming a threat to the well being of people throughout the globe. Most of the overweight people suffer from severe decreases like diabetes, Stroke, high blood pressure, and heart problems.

obesity for heart problems

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Heart Problems & BMI measurement

If you are overweight, reducing some is your duty to give your heart proper health. Though a person is how much obese is generally measured by his BMI but the major drawback of BMI measurement is that it can’t differentiate fat from the muscle. A muscled human being, who is long-legged, could easily attain a BMI over 30, but he would not be called obese. If the extra weight comes from fat rather than coming from muscles, even a small amount of increase in the BMI could make a huge difference to the heart. According to the studies of National heart, lung and blood institutes of America the risk of heart failure grows with each increased point.

Your excess weight can play a villain to your heart

  • Even if you don’t suffer from high blood pressure then also with the larger shape heart loses its squeezing power.
  • we can’t empty them with each beat causing congestive heart failure as blood starts merging heart. If the extra body fat has stored especially in your midsection then you develop the risk of cardiovascular decease. 
  • with the consumption of high-fat foods and lack of exercise, you can weaken your heart.
  • European heart journal it could be said that only obesity is the reason behind the increased risk of heart deceases.

Steps to get a healthier heart

Many people lose life because of suffering from the complication of being overweight such as hypertension and diabetes. By avoiding the attraction of quick diet, fat loss pills and opting for a healthy lifestyle including regular exercise and proper diet you can provide stronger health to your heart.

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