Why obesity can be found in office goers?

Why obesity can be found in office goers?

Why obesity can be found in office goers?

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Obesity in office goers is spreading like an epidemic throughout the world. According to the studies of the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Deceases of the United States, more than one-third of the adult population is suffering from obesity in office goers. The most primitive reason for Obesity is the absorption of more calories but burning out less.

In the modern lifestyle, people don’t have to do anything manually because of developed technologies. Even in the office most of the job requires sitting in front of a computer or loads of files.

Most of the office workers spend maximum time of their day sitting at a place. Sitting at the same place for most of the day and eating readymade junk foods for a shortage of time is leading the generation to a high risk of obesity-related complications. Obesity in office goers affects the employer financially because it reduces the productivity of the worker and increases the need for support services. 

Obesity in Kids

Obesity in Kids

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A few decades ago kids used to play outside making a strong connection with nature and human teammates. But now with the growing popularity of the internet and computer games, most of the children play indoor games in their spare time. Lack of exercise is not letting their calories to burn as energy and they are falling prey to obesity. Obesity in kids brings various health problems to them at a very small age

The fatal obesity causing deceases

Obesity in office goers

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Obesity acts a significant role as a high-risk factor for Heart attacks, high blood pressures, cardiovascular deceases and mortality. It lowers down one’s stamina and obese people tend to lose self-confidence easily. Obesity could lead to deadly decease, a variety of Human Cancers. The health care centers associated with obesity are more costly than other centers that are assigned to smoking, drinking, and poverty. 

The obese office goes to seek more leaves and claim costly medical services from a company than other non-obese workers. Obese workers tend to absent more than other workers. 

How to deal with it?

One has to discover that, is their job or the office environment is encouraging obesity? From some studies, we can say that longer office hours, excessive work pressure, stress and shifting works are few important reasons for continuous weight gaining of office workers. As a matter of public health, obesity in the workplace should not be ignored. Professional health experts should collaborate with companies to inspire office workers to follow a healthier lifestyle and diet.

Office canteens should serve healthy foods and snacks using less fatty ingredients and less oil instead of providing junk foods. Avoiding intake of processed foods, sugar-coated sweets, syrups, juices and foods made of refined flour a person can make a huge difference. Water intake should be increased to more than four litter and green veggies, fruits should be absorbed as snacks. These healthy food habits and ditching escalators, lifts can make you healthier. It is proven that people who work following sit and stand formula are more fit and healthier.

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