Top 5 very unusual online training courses at home

Top 5 very unusual online training courses at home

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As the technology is overpowering itself, the scientific sector is getting larger and because of that, most of the students are tending to follow the same important science-based courses to rise up as a professional in the industry of science and engineering. today we will discuss online training courses for our reader.But there are those types of students also who think out of the box and tend to get recognized by following offbeat online training courses that are available on the internet. Though these unusual courses sound strange at first they are pretty much effective as career options.

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# 1 Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is one of those celebrated online training courses that many people try to study, especially women find the very subject very appealing. The training provides knowledge and scope to practice hands-on, regarding the use of various herbs, oils, and natural ingredients in order to make professional experts who can heal skin and beautification related issue in short.

But aromatherapy is capable of affecting body, mind, and psychology in a positive manner. This is why nowadays there are clinics and spas available that deal only with aromatherapy and they get a lot of clients who visit the very clinics to rejuvenate their body and mind.  

# 2 Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a vital set of ancient concepts that are mainly borrowed from the culture of China that’s sole purpose is to keep a piece in one’s surrounding. There are so many websites that teach Feng Shui to students as one of the important online training courses.

People learn how to arrange or rearrange things in a household or an office premise so that peace and calmness can last there for long. After completion of the courses, one can start his own business as a professional Feng Shui consultant. 

# 3 Ceramics and pottery

There are so many websites on the internet that offer courses on ceramic art or pottery making. Often the courses come as free packages to the students. Worldwide, the demand for ceramics is noticeable and no one can deny the craze for ethnic potteries.

One can easily start his or her own business of ceramics and soil based products after they thoroughly learn their subject through the interactive and video-based tutorials that online academies offer.

# 4 Golf course management or turf management

In countries where golf is regarded as one of the main sports and center of attraction to tourists also, golf course management is considered to be a major subject there.

From designing the whole course to maintain and developing the whole course components and tasks is the duty of a golf course management executive. This course is one of those which can be followed online.  

# 5 Cruise ship crew

Just like airline cabin crew, being cruise ship crew is equally important, after all both look after their respected passengers. This is a course that can be pursued online from accredited institutes.

So, if you think out of the box and like to be different than others, then you can give these career options a try. 

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